Single Origin Green Coffee Beans for the home roaster






We often get asked if we are able to sell our delicious coffee beans as green beans, giving you the opportunity to roast them to your satisfaction. There are many home roasters who will love the quality of these beans, obtained from all over the globe. We only support sustainable coffee growing practices and source beans of the best quality.

Whether you are wanting to roast a specific single origin or create your own blend, we have a beautiful range to choose from below.

*Please note that these beans are priced per kg

Click the links below to find out more about these incredible single origin green beans:

Brazil ‘Monte Alegre’ Certified Organic

Fruit and nut, with a lingering sweetness.

Costa Rica Colibri Tarrazu Organic Coffee

Creamy Chocolate with some lemon and floral accents.

Guatemala Finca La Ruda SHB Organic RFA EP Arabica Coffee

The flavour is uniquely sweet and satisfying. Rich, yet soft with fig/raisin notes.

Papua New Guinea Kokoda Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Sweet and bold with mandarin notes.

Indonesia Sumatra Kuda Mas “Golden Horse” Coffee

Lots of complexity with roasted caramel and spiced fruit flavours.

Mexico Mountain Water Decaf Organic RFA Coffee

Vibrant cup with caramel and roasted nut flavours.



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