The roasted coffee bean comparison table compares tasting notes and attributes of our house roasted beans. We enjoy a wide variety of coffee bean tasting profiles and variations, and want to share them all with you.

NameTasting NotesAcidSweetNuttyCreamyIntensity
In Casa Organic Premium BlendChocolate, fruit, and spice32333
Dark Inc Organic Premium BlendSmooth dark chocolate, spices, dark fruit, and a smokey bite12345
Brazil Fazendas Dutra SO Toasted nuts, butter popcorn, dark chocolate, and hint of strawberry21445
Guatemala Huehuetenango SOChocolate, wine, and citrus23353
Costa Rica “La Lapa” SONectarine, peach sorbet, licorice, and cream54132
Gayo Mountain Sumatra SOIntense caramel, full body, berry, and tobacco42225
Colombia Excelso Tolima Organic SOCherry, raisin, barley, spicy and sweet24344
Ethiopia Limu GR2 SODark chocolate, rockmelon, and lemon53224
PNG Kokoda SOIntense cocoa, pear, and mandarin33254
Decaf “De Casa” Organic Premium BlendStrong cherry, spices, tobacco, with subtle dark chocolate23334
Australia Eureka OrganicPlum, dark chocolate, and green apple34223
Bright & Burleigh Organic Blend – COMING SOONStone fruit, orange marmalade, cinnamon, nutmeg45233