All catering orders have a minimum order amount of $100

Create a special and memorable event with Quest’s event catering. We provide fresh food and beverage catering options for any event within Gold Coast region. Perfect for businesses luncheons, gatherings, and celebrations. Delicious options to choose from including gourmet sandwiches, salads, cakes, treats, drinks, and coffee, with all food made fresh at our Burleigh Cafe on 20 James Street.

Beautifully wrapped and freshly made sandwiches
Beautifully wrapped and freshly made

Compostable cutlery, serviettes, and plates provided
Compostable cutlery, serviettes, and plates provided

Fresh Sandwiches

Buffet style (each sandwich quartered) for grazing, or individually wrapped.

Buffet pack of deluxe roast beef sandwiches
Buffet style (Grazing box) Deluxe Roast Beef – delicious and easy to eat

RECIPE$ PER SANDWICH (min 6 orders per recipe)
Classic Roast Chicken and Cheddar with fresh cos lettuce, and honey mustard$12.50
Classic Smoked Ham with fresh cos lettuce, gouda, stone ground mustard, and smoky mayo$12.50
Classic Olive Hummus with cucumber, purple onion, and sprouts 🌿$12.50
Deluxe Roast Chicken with basil pesto, sliced mozzarella, and fresh tomato$14.50
Deluxe Roast Turkey with soft brie, cranberry sauce, mayo, sunflower seeds, and sprouts$14.50
Deluxe Roast Beef with swiss cheese, horseradish garlic aioli, purple onion 🔥$14.50
Deluxe Red Capsicum with fresh rocket, Kalamata olives, spicy hummus, balsamic and olive oil 🌿🔥$13.50

🌿 = vegetarian / vegan
🔥 = spicy
1 sandwich = 2 slices of bread with filling
Additional filling extras = +$1 per sandwich

Select 1 option for each recipe (Max 2 options)
– rustic white
– multi-grain
– sourdough
– rye
– gluten free bread +$4 for every 6 sandwiches

Additional breads options incur $5 charge
Accompanying ingredients may vary depending on availability
Please note, there is additional charge for weekends (10%) and public holidays (20%).


Chicken Waldorf (GF) – (Serves 10)$8.00$12.00
Potato, Fennel & Bacon (GF) – (Serves 10)$8.00$12.00
Broccolini & Chickpea (Vegan, GF) – (Serves 10)$8.00$12.00
Grilled Corn & Quinoa (Vegan, GF) – (Serves 10)$8.00$12.00
Minimum 10 serves
Broccolini & Chickpea Salad

Broccolini & Chickpea Salad (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Fruit Platter

We offering grazing style fruit platters with seasonal fruits.

Assorted Fruit Platter – Regular (serves 20*)$45.00
Assorted Fruit Platter – Large (serves 40*)$80.00

*Each “serve” equates to a small snack size

Fresh fruit platter. Perfect for grazing!

Cakes and Treats

Cakes and treats can be cut into small “bite sizes” (perfect for grazing). Just let us know when you’re place the order.

Assorted cookie box – ANZAC biscuits and Choc Chunk cookies
Banana Bread (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, contains almond flour)$6.50
Lime & Coconut Bread (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, contains almond flour)$6.50
Zucchini & Pineapple Bread (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)$7.50
Pumpkin & Choc Chip Bread (Gluten Free)$7.50
Choc Chunk Cookie$3.50
Orange & Poppy Seed Muffin (Gluten Free, contains almond flour)$5.50
Golden Oat “ANZAC” Cookie (Wheat Free, Vegan)$4.00
Ginger Slice (Gluten Free, contains almond flour)$4.50
Biscotti (Gluten Free, contains almond flour)$3.50
Double Choco Espresso Brownie (Gluten Free, contains Almond Flour)$6.00
Vegan Health Nut Slice (Gluten Free, Vegan)$6.50
Banana bread looking delicious
Banana Bread
ANZAC Cookies
Chocolate Chip & Pumpkin Bread
A stack of chocolate chunk cookies
Choc Chunk Cookie

Cakes and treats are made in house by Quest.
Please note, there is additional charge for weekends (10%) and public holidays (20%).

Cold Drinks

Hrvst St Cold Pressed Juices (multiple flavours) – 250mL$5.00
Good Happy Kombucha (multiple flavours) – 330mL$5.00
Raw C Coconut Water – 325mL$5.00
Sips (multiple flavours) – 330mL$4.00
Mount Warning Water – (Still or Sparkling) – 300mL$4.00
Mount Warning Water – (Still or Sparkling) – 750mL$6.50
Wallaby Canned Water – (Still or Sparkling) – 375mL$2.80

Coffee & Tea

Barista made options available for pick up and local delivery orders. Request a menu by emailing in**@qu*********.au

How to order

Email us at in**@qu*********.au with details of your event including:

  • Date*
  • Address
  • Business Name (if applicable)
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Number
  • Pick up or delivery
  • Time (for pick up or delivery)
  • Your order
    • For sandwiches, cakes, and treats, please specify if you require buffet style (i.e. items cut into small bite sizes)
    • Any food allergies or aversions?
    • We also offer coffee options for pick orders. Request in your email!
  • Details of allergies for people who will be at your catered event
  • Reminder: all catering orders have a minimum order amount of $100

*to ensure we have capacity to cater your event, please provide us with as much notice as possible. Orders with less than 48hrs notice may be charged a 10% short notice surcharge.


Once your order is finalised, you will be sent and invoice for payment prior to order collection.


Pick up

We recommend free pick up of your order once it’s ready. Just need to arrange a collection time.
Pick up location: Quest Burleigh Cafe, 20 James St, Burleigh Heads, QLD 4220

Deliveries in Gold Coast, QLD

We are able to offer lower prices for our items because we don’t inflate our price to cover delivery fees. But if you require delivery we can provide delivery to Gold Coast addresses for:

  • $19 for up to 15min driving distances
  • $39 for up to 30min driving distances.