Colombia – Sierra Nevada – Roasted Coffee – RFA & Organic




Country Colombia
Region Sierra Nevada
Type Arabica
Grown at Altitude 900 – 1600m above sea level
Process Washed
Tasting Notes Dark chocolate, sweet orange, hints of caramel
Rainforest Alliance Yes
Organic Yes




Colombia – Sierra Nevada – Roasted Coffee

Rainforest Alliance | Organic

We are excited to share this limited release roast with our customers for the month of April. The beans come from the Colombia coffee region of Sierra Nevada, which has some of the most pristine and sought after coffee in the country. They are quite unique when compared to regular Colombian coffee in being more flavoursome with a surprising citric sweetness. This particular roast was selected by our master roaster as a limited release for its quality, unique traits, and ability to roast consistently well. Trialed at our James Street store, Quest’s Columbia Sierra Nevada makes a smooth drinking coffee, creamy as an espresso, with a nice feel on your tongue. This coffee makes you happy when you drink it, and customers who had the pleasure of trying this roast came back and requested it again both as a milky and non-milky coffee.

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