Colombia single origin coffee beans

Colombia FUDAM La Union SO




Grown at Altitude1500 – 2200m above sea level
Tasting NotesMarzipan, red wine, peppery spices
SustainabilityCertified Organic, Fairtrade


Immerse yourself in the captivating journey of our Colombia FUDAM La Union Single Origin Medium Roast—a true testament to the unique terroir and climate conditions of Nariño. This Certified Fairtrade coffee stages a unique interplay of flavours, including the luscious sweetness of marzipan, the rich depth of red wine, and a subtle kick of peppery spices. Beyond its exquisite taste profile, our medium roast transports you to the captivating landscapes of Nariño, where the dramatic slopes and valleys create the excellent conditions for cultivating high-altitude, supersweet coffees.

Along the western edge of Colombia Nariño boasts a distinctive climate that plays a pivotal role in shaping the character of its coffees. The dynamic interplay of warm, humid air collecting in the lowlands during the day and gently ascending the mountainsides at night contributes to the creation of high-acidity, exceptionally sweet coffees. This unique temperature modulation allows the coffee plants to thrive at staggering altitudes of up to 2,300 meters above sea level—a testament to the resilience and flavor complexity cultivated in the breathtaking landscapes of Nariño. Elevate your coffee experience with the Colombia FUDAM La Union Single Origin!