Dark Inc Organic Premium Blend by Quest Coffee Roasters

Dark Inc – Organic Blend – Roasted Coffee




CountryIndo-Pacific, Americas
Grown at Altitude800 – 2000m above sea level
ProcessNatural and washed
Tasting NotesSmooth dark chocolate, spices, dark fruit, and a subtle smokey bite
SustainabilityCertified Organic


Dark Inc – Organic Blend – Roasted Coffee

Dark Inc is Quest’s signature dark roast coffee bringing some bite and distinct strength from a blend of carefully selected regions. Unlike single origins which often showcase singular tasting notes, Dark Inc combines the best elements of multiple regions to make a delicious and smooth stronger tasting coffee. The blend has also been developed for coffee lovers who drink their coffee with milk alternatives, as the darker roast lowers the acidity and means less chance of curdling especially for soy milk. If you’re a coffee lover who enjoys a flavour that lingers longer and reminds you why you love getting up in the morning, then Dark Inc is for you.

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Dark Inc is an organic dark roast coffee


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