Guatemala Finca Bremen Single Origin Organic – Medium Roast




RegionBaja Verapaz
Grown at Altitude1100 – 1350m above sea level
ProcessFully Washed
Tasting NotesPlum, chocolate, smoke, vanilla
SustainabilityCertified Organic, Rainforest Alliance


Guatemala Finca Bremen Single Origin – Medium Roast Coffee Beans

Quest’s Guatemala Finca Bremen is a single origin coffee roast made from beans grown in the municipality of Purulha, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala in a cloudy forest corridor where it’s mostly cloudy, rainy, and cool all year round. The dense cloud cover in this region allows the coffee to develop slowly throughout the year, giving us a well-balanced coffee with chocolatey notes and good acidity. The Finca Bremen farm had been owned by the Wolmers (a German family) since the 1800s. The farm transitioned to 100% organic production in 2013.

Guatemala Finca Bremen SO has a beautiful berry full aroma that also reminds us of chocolate cake. It makes a coffee that starts with some initial intensity, then develops into a smooth body that is balanced, and complex. It works well as an espresso or filter coffee, and produces a balanced profile that is more characteristic of an espresso blend rather than a single origin. This is why we consider this single origin as an all rounder that will please coffee veterans and casual drinkers alike

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