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PNG Purosa SO FT Organic – Medium Roast




CountryPapua New Guinea
RegionPurosa Valley, Eastern Highlands
Grown at Altitude1650 – 1800m above sea level
ProcessFully Washed
Tasting NotesHoney, blueberries, toast, cinnamon, tomato
SustainabilityCertified Organic, Fair Trade


Quest’s PNG Purosa single origin medium roast coffee  is made from certified organic and fair trade coffee beans grown in volcanic soils in the Eastern Highlands of the Purosa Valley, Papua New Guinea. This coffee growing region is known for producing beans with rich and unique characteristics of exceptional quality and distinct tasting profiles.

This roast is especially creamy, with an initial intensity and medium body. It has a gorgeous aroma of comforting jam and spices which greet you as you open the bag. The unique flavour profile has notes of honey with a subtle sweetness, along with blueberries, spices, and undertones that remind us of fresh toast and sweet tomato for that extra intrigue. For a single origin, PNG Purosa makes a balanced coffee that is great to have black or with milk.

Indulge in the magic of Papua New Guinea Purosa Valley Single Origin Coffee, where every sip takes you on a journey through its breathtaking landscapes which results in a well-balanced and satisfying cup that will leave you craving for more along this truly remarkable coffee adventure.

Purosa Region of Papua New Guinea

The Purosa region of Papua New Guinea is known for its high-quality coffee beans due to the region's ideal growing conditions, including the right amount of rainfall, altitude, and volcanic soils. Coffee beans produced in Purosa are known for their unique flavour and aroma, which has made them popular among coffee enthusiasts around the world. The Purosa Valley was first developed as an important coffee region in the early 1980's.The Purosa area has been certified organic for coffee since 1990. 

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