Brown & Roasty Blend – Medium-Dark Roast




CountryAfrica, Americas
Grown at Altitude800-1650m above sea level
ProcessNatural, washed & honey
Tasting NotesTastes like coffee, but some claim they “get notes” of chocolate, nuts, and spices.
SustainabilityEthically farmed, Responsibly grown


Brown & Roasty Blend – Medium-Dark Roasted Coffee Beans

Brown & Roasty roasted to a medium-dark hue brings an all round delicious, creamy and easy going experience that will make every coffee drinker happy.

If you don’t know which coffee roast is right for you? You may have stumbled upon the answer to your dilemma. “Brown & Roasty ” created by Quest is our “gateway” coffee roast. It’s got you covered for that lovely brown, neither too dark nor too light, you wanna see on your beans that have seen a nice roasty temperature.

But what does it taste like, pray tell? It tastes exactly how you’d expect a well rounded, yummy coffee to taste, with “notes of” chocolate, nuts, and spices. It won’t stress you out, challenge you, give you an exam on the origins of arabica around the world, it will just make you happy, warm, and cosy. So, if you’re new to coffee, want a caffeine hit without the quest, or even if you’re an experienced coffee adventurer, Brown & Roasty won’t disappoint.

Please note, this roast is not certified organic, but has been made with sustainably and ethically grown Arabica coffee beans.

To see how this bean compares to our other roasters check out our bean comparison page.

For tips on brewing the perfect cup of Brown & Roasty coffee see our blog page for different brewing methods.

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