Gayo Mountain Sumatra Mandheling Organic – Medium Roast




RegionGayo Mountain, Aceh, Sumatra
Grown at Altitude1110 – 1300m above sea level
Tasting NotesIntense caramel, smoke, earthy, with berries and vanilla
SustainabilityCertified Organic, Fair Trade


Gayo Mountain Sumatra Coffee – Medium Roast

Gayo Mountain Sumatra Coffee beans have been grown in the Gayo Mountain region that surrounds the town of Takengon and Lake Laut Tawar in Sumatra, Indonesia. These beans are certified Fair Trade. The region boasts volcanic nutrient rich soils which are excellent for growing high quality flavour rich coffee beans. 

Coffee grown in this region follows traditional organic farming methods, with small scale predominantly shared plantations that use manure rather than fertilisers, and no pesticides. These beans are 100% certified Fair Trade. What this means is that it is an ethical manner in which coffee is produced. It facilitates better working conditions and trade agreements for farmers and workers in developing countries. 

What does Fair Trade guarantee?

  • Payment of minimum fair trade rate 
  • Safeguarding workers rights 
  • Protecting children 
  • Equality for women
  • Protecting the environment

So rest assured when you buy fair trade coffee, you are guaranteeing that you are uplifting farmers and workers in some of the world’s poorest communities. 

We pay special attention to roasting these beans to ensure consistency of flavour, as the complex flavour profile can change significantly depending on how the beans are roasted. This roast brings an intensity of caramel with hints of berries. There is a strong smoky undertone unique to this roast that should tickle the interest of coffee lovers looking for intensity but something different. Quest offers this roast as a single origin because the complexity and intensity tells a story that speaks on its own, and can be enjoyed with or without milk. We especially like brewing these beans in a Chemex.

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Mountain village in Gayo, Sumatra, Indonesia
Mountain village in Gayo, Sumatra, Indonesia. Coffee grown in this region follows traditional organic farming methods.


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