Guatemala Huehuetenango SO – Medium Roast




RegionHuehuetenango, Northwestern Guatemala
Grown at Altitude1600 – 2000m above sea level
Tasting NotesChocolate, wine, citrus


Guatemala Huehuetenango SO – Medium Roast

This Guatemalan bean originates from the Huehuetenango – pronounced “whey-whey-tenungo” – highlands of Northwestern Guatemala, which is Central America’s highest mountain range and is responsible for the complex and juicy characteristics of this high quality bean. The bean is prized as an espresso brew for its unique acidity which comes from the elevated pH levels of the volcanic limestone soils and high altitude where it is grown. The cooler climate means the trees and cherries develop at a slower rate allowing them to build more nutrients and complex sugars which contribute to their unique wine-like flavour. The beans are wet washed to emphasize natural chocolate tasting notes, and at Quest we perfectly roast these beans to a medium roast which allows for a balanced flavour neither intense nor subtle, that makes for an enjoyable drinking experience as a black coffee or with milk.

This is Quest’s most popular single origin! And why not? Everyone loves its chocolate undertones.

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Huehuetenango, Northwestern Guatemala


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