Costa Rica Hacienda Pilas SO




CountryCosta Rica
Grown at Altitude1000 – 1200m above sea level
Tasting NotesRaisin, Chocolate, Grapefruit
SustainabilityRainforest Alliance


Treat yourself to the flavours of Costa Rica Haciendas Pilas coffee, a single-origin masterpiece sourced from the volcanic terrain of Costa Rica’s West Valley. The combination of raisin and chocolate notes in this single-origin gem shines in a filter and is set apart by its remarkably tangy finish, reminiscent of the invigorating zest of grapefruit which adds an unexpected and refreshing twist to each cup. Experience the renowned qualities of what make this region’s coffee unique with Quest’s Costa Rica Haciendas Pilas Single Origin!

Costa Rica Hacienda Pilas Single Origin is a fresh and fruity medium roast from San Jerónimo de Naranjo in West Valley, Costa Rica. Coffee grown in this region benefits from high altitude, volcanic soil, and a tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. We favour these beans in particular as they are a single origin blend of both washed and natural process coffee beans, maintaining a fuller body, stronger fruit characteristics, and slightly lower acidity. This roast has grown especially popular among Quest regulars, bringing a combination of raisin and chocolate notes with a tangy finish. Try these beans black to appreciate all their complex notes and subtleties, which we recommend especially as cold brew or pour over.