Australia Eureka Organic coffee beans

Australia Eureka! – Medium-Dark Roast




RegionEastern Australia
Grown at Altitude500 – 600m above sea level
Tasting NotesPlum, dark chocolate, and green apple
SustainabilityDirect trade, Responsibly farmed


Australia Eureka! – Medium-Dark Roast

Australia Eureka is a deadset banger of a coffee blend. Farmed organically in the Eastern Australia tropics, this true blue Aussie blend showcases the best of Australian coffee and brings together both hot and cooler climate coffee beans. The cooler climate beans take longer to mature, allowing for more sweetness and complex flavours to develop. The sweet and complex flavours bring special notes to a blend which are either too intense or lacking in a single origin bean.

Coffee made from this roast has a smooth and balanced body, and you may pick up notes of plum, green apple, and dark chocolate, with a pleasant acid finish. This roast is one of our most premium coffee offerings, and one of the best Australian roasts we’ve had the pleasure to offer. Its sweetness means it’s bloody great as a cold brew or black coffee, but also goes beautifully with milk. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

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