Decaf “De Casa” – Blend – Roasted Coffee




CountryAfrica, Americas
Grown at Altitude800 – 1600m above sea level
ProcessWashed natural, Mountain Water Process
RoastMedium – Dark
Tasting NotesStrong cherry, burnt sage and spices, with subtle dark chocolate
SustainabilityEthically farmed, Responsibly grown


Decaf De Casa – Blend – Mountain Water Process

Decaf De Casa is a special blend perfected to produce a big crema often missing in single origin decaf blends. Roasted to a medium-dark roast, this blend has prominent notes of cherry, hints of dark chocolate, spices, and tobacco. With this blend you’ll never have to compromise on top quality coffee, beautiful latte art, and a decaf you’ll enjoy drinking everyday.

What is mountain water decaf process?

In the decaffeination process, the green coffee beans are immersed in water in order to extract the caffeine. The water contains the soluble components of the coffee beans which holds the elements of the flavour so that during the extraction of the caffeine, the beans maintain their original components.

To separate the caffeine from the water containing the soluble components, the water passes through a special filter which removes the caffeine. This results in “coffee solid solubles charged water” saturated with the flavour components but free of caffeine, which is used again in the extraction process.

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