Indonesia – Sumatra Kuda Mas – Roasted Coffee




Country: Indonesia
Region Lintong, Lake Toba, Sumatra
Type Arabica
Grown at Altitude 1250 – 1450m above sea level
Process Wet hulled
Tasting Notes Complex caramel, and bold spiced fruits


This is one of the best Sumatrans; definitely one of the worlds top beans. The ‘Kuda Mas’ Mandheling should rate in everyone’s top 10 choices perfect qualities abound, with great cup presence. This is a bean born to be presented as a single origin offer, with so much complexity to be enjoyed in its own right. Medium acidity and a bold body; look for roast caramel and spiced fruit flavors. This award winning coffee makes for a strong espresso that will provide the kick-start one needs for the day.

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