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Lemongrass & ginger tea is a delicious tea that has a smooth and balanced herbaceous tone with a hint of lemon and spice. You’ll find a new zen as you drink this herbal tea which combines the renowned health benefits of both lemongrass and ginger.

Loose leaf 100% organic tea.

How is it made?Made from certified organic lemongrass leaves and ginger. 100% natural and free from artificial colours, flavours, and additives.
Preparation1-2 tsp in 250mL 100ºC water for 5-10 mins. Add a dash of honey for sweetness.
Tasting NotesA balance of herbaceous and lemony tones, with spicy and peppery notes from the ginger. The aroma is a combination of lemon and grassiness.
Health BenefitsLemongrass and ginger tea is a great detox. It is full of antioxidants, vitamins, and a rich source of minerals like iron, potassium, copper, vitamin C, and magnesium.

Lemongrass is known for improving blood circulation which can improve skin quality, and treat skin eruptions like acne, pimples, and eczema.

Both lemongrass and ginger have antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help with a cold, cough, or flu. Ginger is also known for having anti-inflammatory, pain and nerve smoothing properties, and may help with headaches and motion sickness.

So much goodness in one cup.




Lemongrass farm, and ginger, used to make Lemongrass and ginger tea.
Made from certified organic lemongrass leaves and ginger.

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