Fellow Prismo is designed to attach to your Aeropress and make delicious espresso coffee. Now you can make everything from full immersion to cold brew coffee or tea and espresso. The one versatile product for all your home brew needs.

AeroPress Filter Fellow Prismo

$42.50 inc. GST

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$42.50 inc. GST

Out of stock


The AeroPress® Coffee Maker is already quite versatile when it comes to home brew needs. Not only can it make full immersion coffee, but it can also make cold brew and iced/hot tea. Now there is the perfect attachment that allows you to make espresso-style coffee when you don’t have an espresso machine. The Fellow Prismo filter has you covered all year round and won’t clog up your kitchen space.

The Prismo comes with a pressure actuated valve. It has more pressure, which allows it to make the perfect shot. The valve stays sealed until you press down and it fits perfectly over an espresso shot glass. It also comes with a reusable 80 micron etched metal filter. This would have to be the best spare part for the AeroPress® Coffee Maker we have seen yet.

Check out the short video below to see how awesome this gadget really is!


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