PNG Tribal X Organic SO – Medium Roast Coffee




CountryPapua New Guinea
RegionJimi river, Jiwaka
Grown at Altitude1600 – 1900m above sea level
ProcessWashed, hand sorted
Tasting NotesChocolate brownie, nashi pear and young cherries


PNG Tribal X SO Medium Roast

Quest’s PNG Tribal X SO is a beautiful balanced medium roast with a lighter body that is perfect for coffee drinkers looking for a familiar coffee bean profile without taking on any extra challenges. Sometimes we want to just enjoy our coffee without thinking about it, and this single origin is well suited to such a comforting experience. Tasting notes include a sweetness and aroma like chocolate brownie, with nashi pear and a pleasant acidity reminding us of young cherries. It’s quite a light roast with a little more creaminess for that perfect espresso crema. It goes well black, in cold brew, and also with milk.

Jimi River, Jiwaka Coffee Region

The Jimi River coffee network in the new Jiwaka Province of Papua New Guinea is an Organic coffee grower group made up from 703 small farms. The smallholder coffee growers practice GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) that covers social, environmental and economic standards. 

Growing coffee has meant an improvement in the livelihoods of these remote and isolated coffee farmers and communities along the Jimi River. To give an idea as to how remote the area is, it’s a one day walk to the nearest road!

All the coffee is harvested by hand picking red ripe cherries which are pulped, fermented, washed, sun dried then carefully covered in well-ventilated sheds.



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