40% chocolate powder

40% Drinking Chocolate Powder



Made from cocoa beans, brown sugar, and cane sugar. Gluten free and vegan. Perfect for making rich hot chocolate recipes.


40% Drinking Chocolate Powder

Our 40% drinking chocolate powder is both vegan and gluten friendly. This is the same chocolate powder that we use to make our decadent hot chocolate and dark mocha recipes at Quest Burleigh Cafe.

Made for hot chocolates

Hot chocolate is right up there with fuzzy sweaters and open fires as the ideal companion to the changing winter season. There’s nothing quite like a mug of hot chocolate to warm you up.

For people who prefer dark chocolate, are vegan or have a gluten intolerance, this chocolate powder is made for you. The higher cocoa content delivers a more chocolatey flavour.

Vegan & Gluten Free

If you’re vegan or have a milk allergy or intolerance, more than half of the hot chocolate products on the market include milk solids, so they may not be for you. Quest’s 40% drinking chocolate powder is vegan and gluten free. 

Quest Decadent Hot Chocolate Recipe


When it comes to making hot chocolate it is hard for you to mess it up, even if you add too much chocolate. We recommend using 20-30 grams of our decadent drinking chocolate powder per serving.


  • 2 heaped tsps – 41% drinking chocolate powder
  • 12 oz or a big cup – Milk
  • Marshmallows (optional)
  • Syrups (optional)


Fortunately you do not need any special equipment to make the best hot chocolate. All you need is a stove, whisk and sauce pot.

1. Add the milk to the pot and bring it to heat.

2. Slowly add the chocolate powder to milk and whisk it in making sure that no lumps are found.

3. We suggest heating the milk to a high temperature before pouring it over chocolate to avoid burning the chocolate.

4. If you like frothy milk you can use a milk frother.

Add Ons or Mix-Ins

To make your hot chocolate extra special you can easily add marshmallows, syrups, whipped cream, or even add rum, and spices to elevate your decadent hot chocolate.

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