Ethiopia Guji Tore SO – Medium Roast




Grown at Altitude1600 – 1900m above sea level
ProcessNatural and sundried, Washed specialty on raised beds
Tasting NotesBlueberries, milk chocolate, melon, caramel
SustainabilityCertified Organic


Quest’s single origin Ethiopia Guji Tore organic medium roast brings specialty beans from the Guji zone of Oromia, southern Ethiopia to your home brewing kitchen. These beans are one of the top beans available from Ethiopia – the birthplace of coffee – are grown at a high altitude and are known for their superior quality and flavour. They bring sweetness and intensity with a beautiful dessert like creaminess and are definitely top shelf of the beans available right now at Quest. Ethiopia Guji Tore coffee has aromas of fruit and chocolate that will please your nose, and the versatility of these beans for cold brew, espresso, and filter make them a great home brewing choice.


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