Bright & Burleigh Filter Blend light medium roasted coffee beans

Bright and Burleigh Organic Filter Blend – Light-Medium Roasted Coffee




CountryAfrica, Americas
Grown at Altitude1400-1950m above sea level
ProcessNatural and washed
Tasting NotesStone fruit, orange marmalade, cinnamon, nutmeg


Bright & Burleigh Organic Filter Blend – Light-Medium Roast

Bright & Burleigh Filter Blend is our newest and sweetest coffee bean blend designed specifically for paper filtered coffee brewing like Chemex and Aeropress. Paper filtered brewed coffee produces lower acidity coffee, which is great if you want to enjoy a sweeter coffee bean blend, but prefer to avoid the acidity that usually comes with lighter roasted sweeter coffee beans.

This is why we developed Bright & Burleigh – perfect for paper filtered coffee. With a careful balance of beans from Africa and the Americas, this blend is roasted to a light medium roast to maintain more of the natural sweetness and jammy aromatics of the blend. Bright & Burleigh has tasting notes of stone fruit, orange marmalade, and spices, that exhibit darker fruit qualities when brewed using paper filter techniques.

To see how this bean compares to our other roasters check out our bean comparison page.

For tips on brewing the perfect cup of Bright & Burleigh coffee see our blog page for different brewing methods.

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