Hario Coffee Mill Ceramic Burr Hand Grinder

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$69.00 inc. GST

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High quality coffee equipment is important. Nobody wants to “spill the beans” while making their favourite cup of coffee. That is why the durable Hario Coffee Mill Ceramic Burr grinder is ideal for home use. It has an adjustable hand crank and burrs made out of ceramic for extreme reliability.

Hario Coffee Mill Grinder (CM-502C Design)

You are looking at Hario Coffee Mill, one of the most reliable hand-grinders there is. Made out of a combination of wood and metal, this solid grinder will serve you for years to come. The Hario Column Coffee Mill has a universal design and will also fit in to any kitchen decoration. Wake up in the morning and smell the aroma of coffee like never before with a grinder that you can depend on.

Hario Coffee Mill Includes:

1x Manual Coffee Grinder (CM-502C)
Durable Ceramic Burrs
Adjustable Hand Crank for a huge range of brewing methods
40g Hopper
Wooden Body

The Coffee Mill grinder is also suitable to grind the coffee for Hario V60 Drippers (see links below).


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