Ethiopia Limu GR2 SO Organic – Medium-Dark Roast




RegionLimu, South West Ethiopia
Grown at Altitude1400 – 1800m above sea level
ProcessHand picked and washed
Tasting NotesDark chocolate, rockmelon, and lemon


Quest’s single origin Ethiopia Limu Grade 2 organic medium-dark roast coffee exhibits bold flavours and bright acidity. This roast has a strong personality, and is perfect for coffee lovers venturing away from the more comfortable “everyday” coffee bean. Its smooth fruity punch is memorable, and showcases undertones of brown sugar, and cocoa. We have taken this roast to medium-dark to soften the acidity, and bring out more of the chocolate. For a complete experience, we recommend preparing as filtered cold brew.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee, and the country is the 5th largest coffee producer in the world. Ethiopia’s south west region of Limu, is known for coffee that makes a good clean cup, sweet, fruity flavor with a balanced body. Beans in this region are grown by small land holders, hand picked, and washed. Grade 2 or “GR2” is considered “specialty” among the Ethiopian coffee beans which grade all the way down to 9.

Picture of coffee beans on a map of Ethiopia


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