Hibiscus Herbal Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Hibiscus Tea – Loose Leaf Organic




Hibiscus Tea is a floral herbal tea that is thought to have originated in West Africa or Sudan. Hibiscus Tea remains a favourite across the globe as a hot and cold beverage. It makes a wonderful late evening tea as it’s caffeine free and full of flavour,

Loose leaf 100% organic tea.

How is it made?Made from organically grown hibiscus. Harvest begins when the flower has bloomed and then shrivels up and falls from the plant a few days later. Both the petals and sepals are then collected. The calyx is removed and dried to make the hibiscus tea.
Preparation1-2 tsp in 250mL 100ºc water for 5 mins.
Tasting NotesFresh floral flavours, tarty citrus, and strong notes of cranberry.
Health BenefitsHibiscus naturally contains lots of antioxidants which promotes better liver health. It also has been shown to help lower blood pressure.


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