Korean Sencha Green Tea Loose Leaf Organic

Korean Sencha Green Tea – Loose Leaf Organic




Korean Sencha Green tea is an infusion green tea. The original recipe came from Japan, but is now grown and produced in many parts of the world. The tea is prepared following a steam based processing method that allows it to develop aromas and flavours that remind you of greenery and the ocean.

Greenish golden in colour, the tea can be smooth drinking or astringent by varying steeping times to suit your palate.

Loose leaf 100% organic tea.

How is it made?Made from certified organically grown small leaf Camellia Sinensis tea leaves that are steamed, rolled, and dried. Made in the Republic of Korea.
Preparation1 tsp in 250mL 72-85ºC water for 1 min.

Hotter water or extended steeping can bring out Sencha’s lingering bitterness and intensify the flavour, which might be your preference.

For a traditional cup, prepare using a Japanese kyusu teapot.

Tasting NotesLike the ocean with fresh green vegetables, seaweed and grass. Smooth or bitter depending on steep time. A unique fruitiness specific to this Korean sencha.
Health BenefitsSencha, like all green teas, is an excellent source of EGCG, which has anti-cancer fighting properties (source), and may help fight Alzheimer’s disease by protecting the brain from amyloid plaques (source).

Green teas may also have antibacterial properties (source), help reduce fatigue, and protect the liver.



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Korean sencha green tea is made from the short leafed Camellia Sinensis tea plant. Camellia Sinensis tea plants are grown in plantations in many parts of the world. The tea leaves are harvested by hand, and only the young and juicy leaves are picked.


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