Costa Rica – “La Lapa” – Roasted Coffee




CountryCosta Rica
RegionTarrazu, Alajuela, Heredia
Grown at Altitude900 – 1400m above sea level
Tasting NotesNectarine, peach sorbet, licorice and cream
SustainabilityEthically farmed, Responsibly grown



Costa Rica “La Lapa” SO – Medium Roast Coffee

Quest’s Costa Rica – “La Lapa” roasted beans make a unique and delicious medium roast that is lighter and stronger in fruit when compared to other beans offered by Quest Coffee Roasters. The first sip of a brew made from these beans is fresh, bright, and fruity. You may pick up notes of nectarine, peaches, and licorice, with a creamy mouth feel that finishes with a lingering and pleasant acidity. A great morning cup, especially with a fruity breakfast, some yogurt, or tart dessert like lemon meringue or lime and coconut bread.

Costa Rica coffee production

Costa Rica’s coffee production relies primarily on small farmers. The country is the 15th largest producer of coffee in the world (World Atlas 2019).

Why Costa Rica?

Apart from producing delicious coffee, this democratic nation is one of the most socially and environmentally progressive nations in Central America. The country has made positive steps towards ensuring women and girls’ sexual and reproductive rights (Read more on Amnesty International – Costa Rica Report), was the first Central American country to allow same-sex marriage on 26 May 2020 (Human Rights Watch 2020), and has been demonstrating environmental leadership in Central America through programs such as reforestation (World Economic Forum 2018). Quest Coffee Roasters supports countries that pursue policies that make the world a better place.

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Arenal Volcano in Alajuela, Costa Rica


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