Clean Machine - Machine Cleaner available in 100g and 1kg sizes.

Clean Machine Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder

$31.00 inc. GST


$31.00 inc. GST



Clean Machine Premium Espresso Machine Powder has been developed for use with commercial & domestic espresso machines in the routine maintenance of backflushing and the removal of coffee oil residue and scum on group heads, valves, lines and associated parts.  Available now in 100g and 1kg sizes.

The Clean Machine brand has a few unique advantages:

1) It doesn’t contain filling agents – this means that less chemical can be used for a better clean (as compared to other brands).

2) The higher concentration means less product is used which equates to more cleans per jar.

3) Clean Machine meets the BFA (Biological Farmer Association) and OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) standards. This means it has a reduced impact on the environment and food products.

Backflushing Grouphead with Grinder Cleaner


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