Bialetti Seals and Filters – Stainless Steel

$9.75$12.75 inc. GST


$9.75$12.75 inc. GST

White rubber seal and replacement filter for Bialetti branded Stainless Steel stovetop espresso makers – Kitty, Venus, Class, or Musa.


We recommend that you replace your Bialetti Seals every three months or once wear appears.

Read step by step instructions for changing your seal and filter.

For Aluminium stovetop espresso maker seals, click here.

Seal & Filter dimensions for Bialetti Stainless Steel stovetop

SizesOutside DimensionInside Dimension
1 & 2 Cup53mm43mm
4 Cup64mm51mm
6 Cup71mm57mm
9 & 10 Cup86mm70mm

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