Falsum Instant Brew – Bin 2 – Multi-regional – Light-medium


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Falsum Instant Brew brings the cafe to you with this light-medium roast instant coffee made from a recipe that blends multiple regions from across the world.

The selected regions bring a balance of chocolate, fresh nuts, and flavours that remind us of lemon cake. The lighter medium roast preserves more of the floral and fruity qualities of the bean, which we recommend for those who enjoy their coffee black. Add milk for a softer fruit profile.

10 servings per 50g box

RegionMultiple regions
Grown at AltitudeMixed
Tasting NotesFruity and floral, milk chocolate

In stock


Falsum Instant Brew Coffee – Bin 2

Falsum Instant Brew – Bin 2 is made from a light-medium roast coffee that blends multiple regions from across the world. This coffee has been crafted to showcase a complex but balanced flavour profile. It will be especially favoured by coffee lovers who enjoy their coffee on the darker side, as the lighter medium roast preserves more of the floral and fruity qualities of the bean. A perfect gift for a friend or family member who loves long blacks and camping.

Fruity and floral, with hints of milk chocolate

What is Falsum?

Falsum is a coffee roasting and products brand specialising in cold process hand crafted coffee that seeks to bring the flavours and aromas of the cafe into a product you can stock in your kitchen, office, or camping pack. Falsum’s featured offering is Falsum Instant Brew.

Falsum has made its home with Quest Coffee Roasters, and our team is excited about the future of having both quality instant brew and delicious roasted coffee under one roof.

What is instant brew?

Instant brew is a type of instant coffee, but one that tastes unlike any instant coffee you’ve tried before. It tastes more like what you would expect to get in a cafe.

Falsum instant brew has been made using a cold brewing and freeze drying process that ensures after roasting your coffee will not see heat again until it’s in your cup. This means your coffee will retain more of its original flavour and aroma because they have not been burnt away during the brewing or drying process. Each batch (named after its batch identification number aka. Bin) has been meticulously hand crafted and tested to bring you fresh brewed coffee available at your convenience. We have spent the time so you don’t have to.



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