Brazil single origin beans

Brazil Fazendas Dutra SO – Roasted Coffee




RegionCaputira, Minas Gerais
Grown at Altitude600 – 1300m above sea level
Tasting NotesToasted nuts, butter popcorn, dark chocolate, with hint of strawberry


Brazil Fazendas Dutra SO Organic RFA – Medium Roast Coffee

Quest’s single origin Brazil Fazendas Dutra coffee beans are roasted to a silky smooth medium roast that is one of the best Brazilian roasts we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Drinking coffee made from this roast begins with a journey of buttery popcorn both in aroma and taste. From there, you may be reminded of toasted nuts and dark chocolate, before a subtle finish of strawberries. This is one of the more intense roasts available, with great balance, and strong in crema. We love this roast as an espresso, both with milk and black, and believe it will make almost every coffee lover happy.

Fazendas Dutra

Brazil Fazendas Dutra coffee beans are grown on Fazendas Dutra farm in the Matas de Minas region within the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Matas de Minas has an undulating landscape and is characterized by a warm and humid climate. The region is known for its increasing production of specialty coffee, which is typically sweet with citric, caramel, or chocolate notes.

Since 2000 Fazendas Dutra has won over 85 awards including awards for both quality and sustainability. The farm also has been a leader in the use of solar power to power de-pulping operations, and is continually investing in new solar production. The farm is certified organic and Rainforest Alliance. Due to the mountainous nature of Matas de Minas, all Fazendas Dutra coffee beans are hand-picked which allows for greater selectivity and uniformity than other regions in Brazil which use mechanical harvesting practices.

Fazendas Dutra coffee plantation in Matas de Minas, Brazil
Fazendas Dutra coffee plantation in Matas de Minas, Brazil

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